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4 Reasons NOT to use Canva for your business logo

Are you starting a business and looking for an easy DIY, cheap option for your logo? Have you created a logo or thinking about creating a logo for your business using Canva? Whilst this may be a more affordable option to start with, it can ultimately be the worst and costly mistake for your brand.

Canva is a popular graphic design tool that helps users create beautiful designs easily and quickly. While it is a great option for many design projects, it might not be the best choice for logo design. Here are four reasons why you might want to consider other options for creating your logo:

  1. Limited customisation: Canva provides a variety of pre-made templates that allow you to create a logo quickly. However, these templates limit your customisation options. Your logo may look generic and similar to other logos created using the same template and symbol.

  2. Lack of vector files: Vector files are essential for logo design as they allow you to resize your logo without losing quality. Canva does not provide vector files; you may have to pay extra to download a high-resolution PNG file. Vector file format allows the logo to be scaled or modified without pixelation and loss of quality. When the time comes to get flyers professionally designed or signage designed and printed your logo will not be suitable for the application.

  3. You can not trademark a Canva Logo: One of the biggest disadvantages of using Canva is that logos cannot be trademarked, meaning that you cannot ‘own’ the logo. Whether you’re just starting out or in business for a few years, when the time comes to trademark your logo you will be unable to. For more information on Canva’s Licencing agreement you can click here

  4. Design is lacking originality and uniqueness: Canva is a template-based platform and whilst I enjoy using Canva for custom Social Media Template design, when it comes to your logo there could be essentially 3 million other businesses using the same symbol, icon, or layout. Now when it comes to building a unique identity that stands out from your competitors, having a very similar logo will give you no competitive advantage in your market.

Overall, Canva is a great tool for many design projects but may not be the best option for logo design. It is essential to consider the unique needs of your business and brand when choosing a logo design tool.

At Lilaco Designs we know what makes a brand unique, competitive, and great. A well-designed Brand Identity will stand out and make your business unique. Whilst I know many businesses flock to Canva to create their logo as it is the cheaper option, it isn’t the best option when it comes to creating a logo for your business.

If Canva is the only option for you at this point, remember when you are ready to scale and grow your business you may need to rebrand.

You can check out our branding packages here or send us an enquiry for more information.


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