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5 Steps to Brand your Business

5 Steps to Brand your Business

Are you a Startup or looking to re-brand your business? Branding your business can be an overwhelming process because there are so many parts that come into play. When you brand your business right from the start not only will this make your brand look professional to your prospective clients, it will also save you money in the long run.

How you can avoid these problems when designing your brand? At Lilaco Designs we are passionate about branding, not just designing a logo and handing it over. We look and visualize your brand as a whole, considering not only the look and style but also the tone of your brand. Here we have 5 steps for you to consider when thinking about branding your business.

1. Get to know your business

This is at the bottom of the pyramid and the most important step as it lays the foundation of the remainder of your brand assets. Think about how you want your brand to look and feel, what are your company goals and mission. Why are you in business? Establish clear visions, values and decide on the goals you have for your business. These goals will be short term and long term.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Why are you in business?

  • What are you going to sell, why are you selling it?

  • What need and expectations of your clients are you meeting?

  • Who are your competitors, and what do they look like?

  • You need to understand exactly who you are and what you are about and how you can accomplish those goals.

Creating a list of values for your business will be a great starting point for building your brand and knowing exactly what you will stand for.

2. Deciding on a business name

You now know what you stand for and why you are in business now let the fun part begin.. build your visual identity. The very first process of this involves brainstorming and deciding on a name for your business. Think about names that relate to your market and industry, then think about how those ideas can reflect your values and mission of your brand. You want your name to be easily read, identifiable and to the point, you don’t want to create a name that is complex, or something that people can’t pronounce or can’t relate back to your business.

3. Creating your logo

Now that you understand your business and you have a business name, it’s time to start designing your visual brand assets. Your logo is one of the most crucial parts of your branding because it is the first thing that connects your business to your market and the one thing clients will recall you by.

There are a few different ways you can go when designing your logo, firstly there are stock logos however I don’t recommend this as many business can have exactly the same logo as your business and you aren’t always guaranteed copyright to them. You really want to invest in this process and get it done right from the start so that you don’t have to think about re-branding in the long run… which can be a costly process. If you are looking for a logo design, check out our portfolio, we design custom logo design concepts, with unlimited revisions and 100% love your logo guarantee.

4. Create Brand Assets

Now for the fun part, you can’t just have a stand alone logo. Your logo needs to be accompanied by visually pleasing and unified assets such as patterns, textures, symbols or any other element that will aid in executing a strong visual brand. Your branding material will appear on nearly everything from business cards, packaging signage and online social media. I’d recommend investing in either a style guide or brand book which will guarantee your brand will be executed in the most consistent manner across all mediums.

5. It’s now time to get your brand out there.

You know your brand, you know what you stand for but how are you going to get your brand in front of your audience. How are you going to market your brand; radio, social media platforms, print material, google and website? Research and find where you target audience hangs out, where they go, what they do, what social media platforms are they on?

#lilacodesigns can get your branding booming thru creative design services. Flick us an email at or snatch up your free 15 min consult on 0412260689.




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