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12 Ways to thank your clients and leave a lasting impression

12 ways to thank your clients

Without customers it would be pretty damn hard to run a business… it’s as simple as that. Building your brand with a logo, stationery and marketing collateral is definitely a priority but it goes beyond that. You have to retain your clients and thank them for the continual support along the way. Here are 12 red hot tips for your business

Reward Social Media Savy Followers

It could be one follower or it could be all of your followers. Let them know you appreciate them ticking that ‘like’ button and sharing your posts.

Eg: Coffee Shop give away a free coffee, or share a 10% discount coupon!

Treat a Customer to a Coffee

This is my favourite! Ring a client and invite them to coffee, it’s just a social get together to see how they are going and what have they been up too. I guarantee they will greatly appreciate the invitation building your business client relationship.

Excel at Customer Service go above and beyond

Every business is different and each service interaction and process will change but always think of extra steps you can add to your sales process that help them solve your clients problem.

Eg. Shoe Shop, this could be about knowing styling techniques, and pairing shoes, clothes and accessories to ensure they work well together.

Refer friends to a local business

My business is run off referrals (Thankyou!), but you must always return the favour! So find a local business (Could be a client) that you’ve engaged services with over the last month and go to their Google My Business, Local Search or Social Media sites and leave a big fat thankyou! Don’t forget to tell them why their services were outstanding!

Offer a discount voucher for valued support

Everybody loves to be thanked for their support! There is no denying it. But when clients continually supporting your business, one option could be to provide them with a discount voucher on their next purchase. It could be as simple as a 10% off, $20 off next purchase etc. It doesn’t have to be a standard offer, just something to say thanks!

Wow one customer

How can you WOW one client? It could be as simple as picking up the phone and offering them some advice on current product or service they may be interested, or excelling in customer service when they enter your store. Showing that you care, and finding a solution to their problem in a courteous and understanding way will boost customer satisfaction.

Spotlight a customer thru email or social media

Networking with clients and other business will boost your referrals. Spotlight a local business or client thru your email marketing or online social media profiles.

Send a gift; cookies cupcakes or promotional medium

Cookies are a winning idea—liked by all and easy to share. But consider your audience: if your customer is a fitness guru, brighten their healthy day with a fruit bouquet instead.

Go old school & handwrite a Thankyou Note

It’s surprising how rarely this proven way of showing gratitude is actually used. Can you remember the last time you received a handwritten thank you card? Your note should be specific and personal.

Hold an instore event after hours

Give frequent customers the VIP feeling they deserve with an invitation-only after-hours event in your store. Let them shop for an extra few hours after normal store hours provide drinks and nibblies. To create an even more memorable setting, invite your favorite local singing talent to set up in a corner of the store and entertain your guests. They’ll be no doubt in these customers’ minds that they are valued by your business.

Start a loyalty program

Invite your most loyal customers into a VIP rewards program. Customers love the red carpet treatment. You’ll need to see if it is a good fit for your business, depending on the services and products you deliver.

Eg. Attend 10 Fitness sessions and get your 11th Free.

Find a client who is passionate charitable service and donate to them.

Reach out to a select set of valued customers and let them know you’d like to make a contribution to their favorite charity in their honor.

Now pick 2 to 4 to place on your to-do-list this month by doing this you will;

  • Build brand loyalty

  • Make your business POP!

  • Puts a spotlight on your customer service

  • Entices your clients to refer you to other potential prospects.

Have another idea, be sure to write them in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.




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