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Brand Checklist: what's your score?

Branding checklist what is your score?

How is your brand is performing?

Here it is, an exciting quick and easy checklist for your brand, best part it will only take you 10 mins to complete it. 10 questions – 10 points per each question. Give yourself a 1 for have little or no response and 10 being the best score. In total you’ll have 10 points per questions – 100 points in total.


1. Do you have well defined purpose, vision and mission?

2. Do you have a brand strategy that is well defined and with clear goals?

3. Does your business and its team all tell a unified brand story? Who you are, what you do and why you do it?

4. Do your employees understand your brand story and reiterate your brand message to your customers?


5. Our business brand voice and message is well defined and guidelines are in place for all to follow?

6. Are your graphics & Style guide in place and being adhered to correctly? Is this easily accessible?.

7. Is your brand guidelines clear and reflect through your product/service branding decisions?


8. Our message to current customers is clear, concise, informative and consistent?

9. All our branding to the marketplace is adhered to and followed, (online and offline) 10. Our web experience and social media are all on brand and follow a consistent identity.

Now add up all of your scores and find out how your brand rates? What areas do you need to improve in and how you can create a strategy to achieve a better outcome and build a stronger brand identity. It’s always good to do a brand health check every 6 months, you’ll be able to include these in your brand strategy , providing you an overview of how your brand is sitting and identifies what areas in your business you can improve on.

Enjoy Christal


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