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Use your logo to grow business!

Use your logo to grow your business
Use your logo to grow your business

You’ve invested in an awesome logo design but are you taking advantage of where to place your logo to help grow your business? Check our list of options to help grow your business.


Ensure your logo is on your clothing and that your clothing features your brand colours, This reinforces your branding and makes it easy for customers to identify employees.

Signage (car and shop front)

Signage and banners are one of the most engaging ways to make an impact on your target audience. Great design will lead the eye to your Call to Action and Logo. There must be cohesive branding between all marketing collateral, but having signage that is distinctive to your brand (fonts, colours, imagery ) and your logo is a huge must have!

Have you got a letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels and don’t have your logo on them? This is a great way to promote your business, after all if your sending them out without your logo, your not promoting your brand!

People still love to exchange business cards, so make sure you have them on hand with you all the time! Keep it simple and too the point. Business Cards act as an enticer, so bring something unique to your cards, ensure your logo and contacts are center stage!

Social Media

Your logo should be a part of your online Marketing Strategy and whilst you may not have an account to each and every channel, it is necessary to ensure that those that you are active on, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Linked In or Twitter, it’s a must to have your logo set as the profile picture.

Email marketing is a huge asset for website and online business. If you have an Opt-in email that allows customers to follow your blog posts, keep updated with new products, promotions or information then you must also include your logo at every stage of this process.

Promotional Giveaways

Do you attend trade shows and events? If you do be sure to have some form of promotional giveaways, clients packs or sign up rewards to thank your potential clients. The options are endless and will be based on what your customer and prospects can use or want, and how great your logo looks on the product.

Just remember that your logo should be front and center with every interaction you have with clients and potential clients. Need assistance or advice, flick us an email.

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