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You Must Have Google My Business

Google my business for small business

Connect with Google My Business

If your business isn’t showing up on google, then you need to get your business on Google+, also putting you on google maps. It will help you build your brand awareness online through a consistent look, and finally, it will allow you to share content.

Yes it’s for you!

  • Anyone can use google my business, and it’s completely free

  • Yes if you have a website, you need to get Google My Business. Google my business complements your existing website by giving you a public identity and presence on google. You will also appear on google search, map and google+.

Why use Google my Business

Everyone needs to be seen on the web, it's where we shop, look for services, connect and share.

It allows you to:

Update Business Information: You can update business, contact, operating hours, website details and business information whenever you like. You will notice that this information will end up in Googles Knowledge graphic, appearing to the right of the search results. Add Engaging Images: Add updates, work in progress, products, customers, store displays and any other related business images to your google my business page.

Share Events: You can share your events, news and updates at any time, and it’s free!

Manage: You can use two applications, Google my Business Android App or the newly launched iOS app.

Maps: Show up on google maps, when your specific industry is ‘googled’

Small Local Businesses Steps
  1. Start your Google My Business page today,

  2. Optimize it by adding any relevant and important informatin

  3. Socialise it, connecting with new and potential customers

Everyone is online so don’t let visitors pass you by because you can’t be searched.

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