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4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Business Card

4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Business Card

We live in a digital world, smart phones, tablets, and the internet, but are we becoming too consumed with all this technology! Your business card is critical in the development and marketing your business. This cost effective and traditional method is a must have, they are easy to hand to clients, potential clients and prospects and can be highly personalized to suit your branding.

I always ask clients, do you hand your business card out? I would have to say that 50% of clients reply ‘no’. AAAHHHAHAH why not? Here are four very important steps why handing out your business card is a must for building your brand and marketing your small business.

First Impressions Count!

Business cards introduce yourself and your business to clients, it always important for clients to put a face to your brand (if done face to face). Business cards are eye catching, can be creative with the ability to use alternative printing methods to engage and be appealing and include important information (Information about you and who you are!). Business cards enhance your credibility and give your prospects a sense of professionalism and worth about your brand. It also creates a sense of identity through logo, colour, texture and fonts.

(DO NOT, underestimate the value and importance by printing at home, a big NO NO)

Business cards are your Marketing Tool

Word of mouth and face to face networking are one of the most important marketing tools for you! Effective fact-to-face introduction, communication a hand shake and then… hand over your business card! Yep that is ‘HAND IT OUT’. They are portable, put them in your wallet, suitcase, brief case what ever it is you carry (oh and they will fit in the smart phone cases) carry them wherever you go. Make them an essential marketing tool and stand out when establishing and maintaining new and prospective clients. You never know when you will run into that one potential ‘big’ client! So be prepared.

Business cards build your brand

You have your logo and then the next thing that clients generally mention is ‘the business card’. It aids in building your brand. Business cards are very simple to create and when done right its use can be used as an engaging marketing tool. However you must keep it simple and to the point, no time for writing a blurb, or adding in information that they can read on your website. The objective for a well-designed business card is to provide vital information about your business (phone numbers, website and email address). If you have an old phone number, then my advice is get it updated!

Business cards are Cost Effective

Business cards are very affordable, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t have any. Go and hire a designer to produce a well-designed business card that communicates your brands message. Do not underestimate the importance of quality business cards to aid in building a professional brand presence to your clients and prospective clients.

Are you in need of updating your business cards or would like a fresh new look? Get in contact with Lilaco Designs for all your Graphic Design needs.

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