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Brand Strategy For Small Business

Brand Strategy For Small Business

It's been a tough time with the down fall and it's really great to see local Mackay consumers buying local and injecting they're hard earned money back into the local economy.

With all this being said, its super important that you as a small or medium business ensure you are consistent in your branding. Defining your brand to your clients and potential customers isn’t going to happen overnight, and more than likely as you are establishing your business, you will build, learn more about yourself, your direction and your visions. You’ll learn from mistakes and in time turn those mistakes will in turn lead to success. Brand Strategy is of utter most importance when it comes to your business planning. If you don’t know what branding is, check out our previous post, What is Business Branding.

It’s very easy to wonder from one idea to the next without anything to guide you. Eventually you’ll find yourself long away from your original goals or plans. Having a clear brand strategy will ensure you stay focused on your goals, mission and be more proactive and organized in your daily routine.

Think of branding as a form of self-discovery, it is time consuming and can be frustrating and it will take time. However here are a few things to think about to help you work out who your business is and what you want your customers to think of when they see your brand.

  • What do your customers and prospects think about your business?

  • What qualities do you have, and associate them to your business?

  • What is your company’s mission, values and vision?

  • What benefit and features does your company have?

Here are a few essential must haves that will aid in creating a strong brand presence.

  • Logo

  • Brand Essence

  • Business Stationary: Letterhead, forms, email signature

  • Marketing Materials: Flyers, mail outs

  • Website

  • Signage

  • Uniforms

  • Promotional Materials

Our next post will focus exploring and defining your brand essence.

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