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    Natalia Giblett

    (Pigs Can Fly)


      Create distincitve, fun, engaging

      and creative book illustrations for

      childrens author.


This was  a personal project that I created with my daughter. After endless story writng and scrap books being filled with so many creative and intriguing stories,  I put it to her that if she finished a story from start to finish, that was creative, intriguing and edited, then I would illustrate and publish a book for her.

This was one very, fun and I must admit a long project that saw a great end results. From the design point of view, I wanted to create book that was engaging and targeted 5  to 10 year olds, had unique and fun characters with bright colours, interesting shapes, and textures.  The book included hand making characters out of everyday household materials, which can then be made at home. This is complimented by a two page spread at the back with instructions on how to make the animals characters at home.

Includes: Character Design, Illustrations and Book Design

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